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You can consider this a summary of my work this summer. Winter is coming….

Dan’s move in date is around Halloween
and my injections also start that weekend

It’s gonna be great having him around for my retrieval. 




Josh Thomas talks about male suicide

I wonder how feminists will react to this

Probably ignore it then go back to making male tears mugs and gifs 

Actually this is a very common idea among feminists

It’s something feminists have been talking about for years it’s called toxic masculinity and it’s one of the common threads among the topic of ‘Patriarchy hurts men too’. If fact the first time I read about toxic masculinity was on a feminist blog.

If you actually read things feminists talk about instead of straw manning them you might know this but OH WELL


These are movies that are out now or opening throughout the summer that are directed or co-directed by women.

  • Belle - Amma Asante
  • Palo Alto - Gia Coppola
  • Night Moves  - Kelly Reichardt
  • Obvious Child - Gillian Robespierre
  • Elena - Petra Costa
  • Los insólitos peces gato (The Amazing Catfish) - Claudia Sainte-Luce
  • Jupiter Ascending - Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski
  • Step Up All In - Trish Sie
‚ÄúHave a great life. I’ll be here with my normal HPV that 1 in 4 nice women have. And there will not be an apology message for this apology message. Good bye.‚Äù
— Obvious Child is the best and most realistic movie. I was dying through this entire scene. (via seejadeblog)
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